Sunday, February 8, 2009

And the Winners Are...

Below are the winners for our contest, along with badges for their blog/catster/dogster pages:

Best Brofur of the year is Sen-Chan, runner up is Skeeter.

Best Sisfur of the year is Daisy, runner up is Zoey.

Best Woofie of the year is Barney.

The Percy B. Stephens I Wish I Was an Only Pet award goes to Isis.

For the Best Siblings, please email me at thecatsstephens [at] gmail [dot] com and tell me in order or preference which blanket you would like, for the winner of the best woofie of the year, please email me with what size blanket you would like. As for the Percy B. Stephens award winner, please be patient while Percy personally picks out your prize. Please email addresses and we will be mailing out the prizes shortly.

We also raised some money for the Skeezix treat fund; technically, it was $10.50, but I think we're going to double that to at least a dollar per entry plus a special bonus package.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated this year, the entries were wonderful.

Abbie Stephens and the Cat Stephens Family

Friday, February 6, 2009

Voting Is Closed

Voting is now closed.

Wish mom luck - she is taking the LSAT for hopefully the last time tomorrow morning! Since I am her LSAT cat I am going to be too busy purring on top of her study papers to count any votes tonight. We will count the votes and post results by midnight EST tomorrow, Saturday 2/7.



Sunday, February 1, 2009


Rules (which are subject to change without notice, it's my contest!)

To vote please leave a comment on this post with your choice for Best Fur Sibling of the Year.

One vote per cat, dog, or bunny in each household.

If you vote more than once your first vote will be the only one that counts.

You may put your entire household votes on a single comment, for example:
Abbie - Samantha
Emily - Latte
Eliot - Mao

Each member of the household must vote for a different nominee. If you all vote for the same nominee it will only count as one vote.

You cannot vote for yourself, or a member of your household. These votes will not be counted.

Cats, dogs and buns voting must have a blog or Catster/Dogster page.

The nominees are:
Mu shue
Billy SweetFeets
Daisy the Curly Cat
Ben the Woofie
China Cat

Because mom was late helping me make the voting post - voting will now be open until February 5th at 12 noon and winners will be announced February 6th by midnight.

Best Fur Sibling of the Year 2008

BADGES UPDATE - the wonderful Ann of Zoolatry made these pawsome badges for my contest - isn't she just the best!

PRIZE BLANKET PICTURE UPDATE - the doggy winner will win a doggie blanket made of the material below just for his or her size, the kitty winners will get to select their blanket based on who got the most votes.


Now more than ever we can see how important family is, and I love my brofurs and sisfur so much that I decided to make a contest. This is the Annual Best Fur Sibling of the Year Contest 2008 (I know it's 2009, but unless you have good stories from 2009 already, most of them will be from 2008! And our last contest was 2007, so we don't want to skip a year...)


1. To enter the contest you must make a post on this blog describing another non-human that lives with you in your household and what makes them the best fur sibling of the year. To add an entry, login to blogger using the email and the password bestsibling. You may also post a picture, or any other media that helps effuryone see how special your fur sibling is.

2. The deadline for all entries is 12:00 midnight EST on January 31, 2009.

3. Voting for best brofur and best sisfur of the year will open at 10:00 AM EST on February 1, 2009. Voting will close at 12:00 noon on February 4, 2009.

4. Winners will be announced by 12:00 midnight EST February 5, 2009.

5. Only one entry per non-bean, but everyone in the household that isn't a bean can make an entry. And if you have a lot of fur siblings, you can all nominate the same one - for example, if it was my home, both Emily and myself could each make a separate and unique entry as to why Eliot is the best brofur.

6. To be eligible to enter our contest you either need to have a blog or a catster/dogster page; please link back to yourself!

7. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place brofur and sisfur. This year all the winners get a kitty blanket made by my Grandma. Winners choose blankets in order of most votes received.

8. Grandma also has a special award for best woofie sibling in honor of her dog Daisy; she will pick the best woofie entry and make a special blanket for the winner.

9. We will again have the Percy B. Stephens I Wish I Was an Only Cat award. Percy will pick the entry he thinks is best (usually the one that makes him the most jealous). These are entries by only kitties that describe why it's good to be an only cat. This kitty will win a pize pack and trophy.

10. And in the spirit of Skeezix, I can add or change rules anytime I want to because this is my contest.

And to anyone who wants to help, we are not the most tech savvy kitties. If anyone wants to make badges for the winners, or add a category, please feel free to contact us.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love China Cat Sunflower

I am Willow
and I think that China Cat is the best fur sibling ever!
China Cat Sunflower is the alpha cat here.
Ever since I came into the family in May of 2004 she has shown me how things work in this household. She taught me where to eat and where to sleep, where the best sun spots are and when to ask for Temptations , which is every night at 9:00 pm! She has loved me like I w
as her very own kitten. She licks me on my head and anytime I want to I can go over and snuggle up next to her.
When my Food Lady found me at the Humane Society she was told that my two siblings had just been adopted. When I went home with my Food Lady and met China Cat I knew that we belonged together. The Cat that came before me was Samantha and she was never very friendly with China Cat. I think that China Cat always wanted some cat to love and luckily it was me!
She truly is the best fur sibling ever!
I love her dearly!

My Big Bruther Mao

My nomination for the best fur sibling of MY LIFE is my big bruther Mao.

See, I'm adopted, kinda like Kiera. Mao and I do not have the same parents. I had 2 byootiful sisters hoo I mist win I came to live in Castro Valley. But I only mist them fur abowt 10 seconds, cuz win they took me owt of the PTU, I met Mao. And he kinda looked like my Mom and he wuz big, so I wint to nerse on him and he sed, WHOOOOAAA DOOOD! NO MOMMY BAGS HEER! But he sed it in a nice way, not like I'm an idiut. Cuz I wuz confyoozed by the big new howse. So I can't imajine ever having a better bruther than him.

Anyway, Mao let me hang all over him, cuz I was so ixsited to have a BRUTHER! Heer are a cupple of pikchers of win we were hangin' together:

We do lots of things together, like strolin. Mao kinda hogs the frunt seet sumtimes, but it's still a lot more fun strolin with him than it is strolin alone. Yoo mite say he's not just my bruther, he's my aktivity partner. Wate. Make that my LIFE partner.
Now, Mao is kranky and krabby a lot, and sumtimes he brays like a donkey so lowd I think my eardrums will ixplode, but he's STILL the best fur sibling ever. That's how yoo can tell he's the best fur sibling ever: he's still got more falts than anycat, but even with all the things that are rong with him, he's still the best bruther I cood ever hope to have:
And, he liks my pooper win I'm not as tidy as I shood be.

Thank yoo fur yer considerayshun.

Yer frend,
Skeezix the Cat

Samantha Is The Best Fur Sister

I think Samantha is the best Fur Sibling!! She is beautiful and sultry, very smart, works on 2 Blogs full time and 6 part time. She is playful, always on time and she always makes sure I get fed first. She watches my weight and makes sure I don't eat cat food with wheat in it! She always shares her stuff with me. She is very brave and loves to get up high on the shed and the roof of our house. She is a wonderful sister and should win the Best Fur Sibling Of The Year Contest!

We Nominate Rascal!

All of us at Grr, Midnight & Cocoa want to nominate our brother, Rascal, for Best Fur Sibling of the Year. Here's why...
Riley: Rascal's my fur-real brother. We were abandoned together in a box on the day we were born. I was way smaller than he was and he always purrtected me and cuddled with me. See...

Now he plays with me all the time, and that's alot cause I like to play alot and I hardly ever sleep. Plus, I do things like claw up the cabinets in the kitchen and I don't even get in trouble much on account of the things Rascal does are SO much worse and so compared to him I'm a little angel. Thanks Rascal - I love you!


Grr: The little gray boy with the stripes plays chase with me. We chase each other up and down the hall. Rascal's the only one I play with. He's fun. I don't cuddle with him though. I only cuddle with Midnight. Oh, and another thing. Rascal's good at catching bugs. We eat bugs together. He's an okay little guy.


Midnight: Rascal was a sweet little kitten (I got to be his substitute mom), and now he's a fun brother. We play together all the time, and plus we eat ham together. He loves ham just as much as I do.


Cocoa: Sometimes I gotta whap the little guy on account of I'm a boy and he's a boy and that's what us boys do. He never gets mad though. He just kinda whaps me back and runs around. If you've gotta have a brother, have one like Rascal.


Max: After 7 months of living in the bedroom only, I've finally come out for half a day at a time. It's pretty scary for me because there are 5 kitties running around. I've never lived with a kitty friend. When I was living in the scary outside, all the other kitties would attack me, so I thought other kitties were The Enemy. Rascal stalked me when I first came out, but I think he was just curious. At first I was scared, but I got used to him. Now we play together! Imagine that - I've been playing with another cat! Not fighting! And guess what? It's FUN! I never thought I'd want a fur sibling ever, but Rascal showed me that I was wrong.

PIxel is the best sisfur

I Samba and nominating my sifur pixel for the best fur sibling of the year.
I was nervous coming home from the shelter. Mommy said I would have a sisfur and I was hoping she wouldn't be mean to me. But when I got home, mommy put the carrier down and Pixel came right over and sniffed and tried to get in it with me. Mommy causiouly opened it and pixel saw me and started to clean me. That was our great start.
She plays with me, She shares her toys with me,
She shares her gizzy with me,
Shows me how to do cool stuff like sitting on the fishy tanks, she still bathes me, covers for me int he litterbox because i always forget, and she always snuggles with me.

That why Pixel is the best fur sibling of the year !!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dante for Best Fur Sibling of the Year

Hey kitties, woofies, bun and beans!! FAGIN here and I wants to nominate my big brofurr SIR DANTE BARBOSSA, first mate of the Black Furrball, as BESTEST FUR SIBLING EVER! Here is why!!

As some of you know, when DANTE first came to live with Mommy and Daddy, he was all beaten up and hurt. This could have made him a MEAN kitty but you know what? He's not mean, not at all!!

When me, FAGIN first came to live with Mommy and Daddy, me was just a little guy and me was very scared. But you know what? DANTE was there for the beginning, waiting to greet FAGIN and he never ever hissed or growled at me, NEVER!! When I first came out of my blue PTU, DANTE was ready to PLAYPLAYPLAY with me!!

When FAGIN was just a baby kitten, me would ATTACK DANTE'S tail. Lots of kitties would have gotten mad at FAGIN about this but what did my PAWSOME big brofur always do?

He PLAYPLAYPLAYed with me - and sometimes he even let FAGIN win!!! YAY!! PLAYPLAYPLAY!!!

DANTE has always been there for FAGIN. Even as FAGIN grew up, DANTE taught me lots of things FAGIN needed to know as a mancat. Here he is telling me that if FAGIN wants a girlfriend kitty, me has to be a gentleman cat.

Even now that me, FAGIN, is almost a big mancat (I will be 1 WHOLE YEAR OLD next Friday), my big brofur DANTE is always watching out after me and making sure FAGIN is happy and healthy. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE vote for DANTE!!! He really is the BESTEST BIG BROFUR EVER!!!

ISIS for best fursibling of the year!

Hello I'm Isis.
(you can bigify any of my shots by clicking them.)
I'm an American Eskimo Dog.
I have no fursiblings.
I'm an only dog.
I don't mind, because i have many many duties as the dog of the house.

Here i am during my off time. I get to relax.

Here is one of my favorite games, Cookie.
You try to take the cookie, and i pretend to eat your hands off.
really, its fun!

As dog of the house, one of my many many jobs is
'Grounds Keeper'.
I recently was promoted this summer
after my amazing gardening skills.
Here is one of the flowers i nurtured.

I also am really good at stealing my dad's shoes.
In this picture, they really really stunk.

I also am the official greeter at my house.
And, i'm the model too.
Here i am posing with some of our christmas ornaments this past

One of my grounds keeper jobs means that
i maintain the pool.
I make sure its safe for my hoomans.
we can't have mutating hoomans now can we?
ha ha ha

Here i am by my tomato plants. Yes.
I'm an excellent garden worker.
Thats why my tomato plants are so large and healthy!
I make my slave dad harvest them for me,
and my mom makes sauce from it.
(...remember, sauce is NOT good for dogs!)

Here i am showing off some more of my skills.
I'm running full speed through our yard!
Behind me are some more of my flowers i grew
this past summer.

Did i mention i'm good at stealing shoe parts?

My floof is multi functional.
When i'm done with it, i go outside and it poofs out of me.
Then, the birds use it for their nests and their babies.
So, i take care of woodland creatures as well!

Here is some basil i raised.
We also use this for the sauce mom makes.
its ALL over the garden. Dad plants it, and i make sure
it gets plenty of love.
Love is really what grows it.

On this patch, there is a beetle man waiting to eat it.
I shook him off.

Um, did i mention i'm good at stealing shoe parts....?

I should be best fursibling!