Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love China Cat Sunflower

I am Willow
and I think that China Cat is the best fur sibling ever!
China Cat Sunflower is the alpha cat here.
Ever since I came into the family in May of 2004 she has shown me how things work in this household. She taught me where to eat and where to sleep, where the best sun spots are and when to ask for Temptations , which is every night at 9:00 pm! She has loved me like I w
as her very own kitten. She licks me on my head and anytime I want to I can go over and snuggle up next to her.
When my Food Lady found me at the Humane Society she was told that my two siblings had just been adopted. When I went home with my Food Lady and met China Cat I knew that we belonged together. The Cat that came before me was Samantha and she was never very friendly with China Cat. I think that China Cat always wanted some cat to love and luckily it was me!
She truly is the best fur sibling ever!
I love her dearly!

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