Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Big Bruther Mao

My nomination for the best fur sibling of MY LIFE is my big bruther Mao.

See, I'm adopted, kinda like Kiera. Mao and I do not have the same parents. I had 2 byootiful sisters hoo I mist win I came to live in Castro Valley. But I only mist them fur abowt 10 seconds, cuz win they took me owt of the PTU, I met Mao. And he kinda looked like my Mom and he wuz big, so I wint to nerse on him and he sed, WHOOOOAAA DOOOD! NO MOMMY BAGS HEER! But he sed it in a nice way, not like I'm an idiut. Cuz I wuz confyoozed by the big new howse. So I can't imajine ever having a better bruther than him.

Anyway, Mao let me hang all over him, cuz I was so ixsited to have a BRUTHER! Heer are a cupple of pikchers of win we were hangin' together:

We do lots of things together, like strolin. Mao kinda hogs the frunt seet sumtimes, but it's still a lot more fun strolin with him than it is strolin alone. Yoo mite say he's not just my bruther, he's my aktivity partner. Wate. Make that my LIFE partner.
Now, Mao is kranky and krabby a lot, and sumtimes he brays like a donkey so lowd I think my eardrums will ixplode, but he's STILL the best fur sibling ever. That's how yoo can tell he's the best fur sibling ever: he's still got more falts than anycat, but even with all the things that are rong with him, he's still the best bruther I cood ever hope to have:
And, he liks my pooper win I'm not as tidy as I shood be.

Thank yoo fur yer considerayshun.

Yer frend,
Skeezix the Cat

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