Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best Fur Sibling of the Year Contest

Family is furry important, and I love my brofurs and sisfur so much that I decided to make a contest. This is the hopefully Annual Best Fur Sibling of the Year Contest...



1. To enter the contest you must make a post on this blog describing another non-human that lives with you in your household and what makes them the best fur sibling of the year. To add an entry log in to blogger using the email and the password bestsibling. You may also post a picture, or any other media that helps effuryone see how special your fur sibling is.

2. The deadline for all entries is 12:00 midnight EST on December 29, 2007.

3. Voting for best brofur and best sisfur of the year will open at 10:00 AM EST on December 30, 2007. Voting will close at 12:00 noon on January 1, 2007.

4. Winners will be announced by 12:00 midnight EST January 1, 2007.

5. Only one entry per non-bean, but everyone in the house that isn't a bean can make an entry. And if you have a lot of fur siblings, you can all nominate the same one - for example, if it was my home, both Emily and myself could each make a separate and different entry as to why Eliot is the best brofur.

6. To be able to enter our contest you either need to have a blog or a catster/dogster page.

7. Prizes will be awarded for first and second place brofur and sisfur. First place brofur and sisfur will each recieve a $25 Petsmart gift card (or donation to blogosphere cause such as project HAM) and a surprise prize pack. Second place winners will each receive a $10 Petsmart gift card (or donation to blogosphere cause such as project HAM) and a small surprise pize pack.

8. And in the spirit of Skeezix, I can add or change rules anytime I want to because this is my contest.

And to anyone who wants to help, we are not the most tech savvy kitties. If anyone wants to make badges for the winners, or add a category, please feel free to.



Skeezy said...

This is gonna be a GRATE contest!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

we're gonna enter - how fun!

Samantha & Tigger said...

Cool contest!! We are gonna start writing ours right away!
Your FL furiends,

Queen Snickers or Empress said...

Even though I complain a lot about my sister I am she is the best sister! I will start working on my entry!

Skeeter And LC said...

If I understand this, we must post the story here AND email you... Jus checking.

My entry is:

"I wanna nominat Skeeter as the "Best Fur-Sibling-of-the-Year.

He is the warmiest groomiest bes brother, an he puts up wif a lot a ear bitin an surprise charges (that efen nock him ofer) wifout gettin upset.

He grooms me real gud efen when I bite his ears sometimes (well, they are RIGHT THERE an sometimes I cant help it).

He lets me cuddle up nex to him efen after I bite his ears. An he lets we wiggle aroun some until I a real comfy efen when that disturbs his nap.

He lets me know wether food is good to eat. He tries it forst an I watch him. If it it good, he looks at me an lets me know it is OK. If it isn't, he just walks away and I don't bother tryin it. I trust him THAT much.

When Skeeter was little, he hadda potet hisself against the big mean cat (Tinkerbelle) who-came-before. He says it was "a bit difficult". But he protected me from her from the first day I was in the Cave! Always.

He stood between us when Tinker wanta ta whap me or keep me away from food. An he curled up with me at night so she couln't bother me.

Even when I get some grown up, he watched out for me. Inside with Tinker, outside if he sniffed a woofie around. He was always watchful and helpful. An like the time I climbed the tree as a kitten, he got The Big Thing to come out an rescue me.

I dont know of a bettr Big Brother than that...


Pixel said...

I am working on my entry for the only cat. Evefurry one in the house is buzy I was gonna force the staff to do it this weekend

The Crew said...

We just went over and posted our entry for our brother George.

We also read all the other entries. Gosh, it will be hard for the judges to pick a winner. Those are great stories about all the fur siblings!

Your friend