Sunday, January 25, 2009

the Giant Kitty is the bestest fur sibling!

I is 'Oven here and I nominates my big brother, the Giant Kitty for the BEST FUR SIBLING award!
Because he's awesome.
When I first came into my forever home with mine Mummy, the Giant Kitty was here to show me the ropes.
I loves whaps on the head and looky here, the Giant Kitty gives the bestest whaps around!
And he gives me whaps on the head EVERY SINGLE TIME I ask him for it!
Isn't he awesome?
And the Giant Kitty helps me finish up my food because sometimes I prefers to play rather than eat and it's not good to waste foods. And the Giant Kitty never fails to help me finish up my food. Sometimes he's too helpful and he tries to helps me finish up my food when I'm STILL wanting to eat them. But, it's alright. He's just awesome that way.
And the Giant Kitty sometimes is in a good enough mood to snuggle with me and licks me because he says I stink. He's awesome isn't he? Because if he didn't tells me I stink, I might go around stinking the whole place down. So now I knows I stink, I can have baths. Isn't the Giant Kitty awesome?
So all of you out there, do vote for the Giant Kitty as the BESTEST FUR SIBLING because he's just AWESOME!
I loves the Giant Kitty!

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