Sunday, January 25, 2009

I AM the BEST fur sibwing.

Oh well! How fast time fwies.
I wemember the wast time, I took part in this, I was the ONWY KITTY and I nominated mineself for the I wish I was an onwy cat award.
Well, this time wound, I cannot take part in that categowy anymore, sigh...

So, I am nominating mineself up as the BESTEST FUR SIBWING.
I mean come on, it's not evewy kitty that can get a wonderful, handsome and genius fur sibwing! And after 14 years of being an onwy kitty, I was genewous enough to share mine kingdom with That puny tiny Thing.
He wikes whaps on the head, so I gives him all the whaps he wants. I teach him all the wopes on how to be a NORMAL kitty because you see, That Thing is a tad weird. I scold him so that he'll gwow up to understand what is wight and wwong. I tell you, teaching That Thing isn't easy! If I aren't the bestest fur sibwing, who is?
And not onwy that, mine Mummy has to bwing in a girlfwiend home for That Thing and I put up with it! If I'm not the bestest fur sibwing, who is?
So VOTE for me!
I am the BESTEST!

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