Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barney aka Pooch for Best Sibling of the Year

I would like to nominate my Angel Brother Barney as Sibling of the Year. I hope it is ok to tell my story of how I became his sister. It helps to understand how special things were for us.

Imagine being a young lady Sato living in a home on the Island of Puerto Rico. One day, furry much loved, and the next day wandering around the streets tired and hungry not understanding what happened, my family just threw me out of the car and left.

A furry nice lady named Gloria found me, and brought me to an animal shelter. She set me up in a big cage with a soft towel, and gave me a warm dinner.

The next morning, she came back and let me out of the cage to play. She picked me up, and gave me hugs and kisses and told me I would never be scared again. She told me that when I felt better she was going to send me to a special place called Connecticut. She said she had a dream about a family who lived there, that would give me a loving home, and I might even end up with a big brother.

A few weeks later, a bunch of my new friends and I were packed into kennel crates and driven to San Juan airport. We were all furry scared. Some nice men told us to relax, all was going to be fine, and he put us into a cargo hold that said American Airlines. We took off straight into the air and boy was it scary! But we all sang songs together, and swore we would never let anything bad happen to us again.

We landed in this place called Connecticut, and we were taken to - Oh Nooooooo - another Animal Shelter! We got there at Midnight, and we were tired and stinky, and furry hungry. But they said we had to smile nice fur the camera. Who knew that this picture of me scared and tired was the key to my new furever life?

Two days later my Mom & Dad showed up to meet me. I saw them come in - and I KNEW they were there for me! I ran to Mom and she picked me up - I gave her kisses. She handed me to to Dad - I gave him kisses. They put me down, and I flew like the wind to play with the other Satos. They laughed so much about me - saying how tiny I was - and what would Barney do when he met me. I Heard them say BARNEY - I ran back and made them pick me up again! Gloria was RIGHT! I was gonna have a BROTHER!!!!!

The shelter had to make sure my Mom & Dad were ok people, so they did their background checks and had them come to get me the following day. I was sad when they left, but they promised they would be back. The next day they came back and told me I was going to my furever and ever home. Barney was all excited I was coming to love with him!

When we came in the house, Barney came to meet me. He WAS BIG!!!!!!!! He was a furry old and gentle pooch. I gave him a kiss on his nose and he grumbled at me. I decided I was going to be the best little sister EVER! I started sneaking on his bed with him - he grumbled. I giggled.

Barney told me about his life with the humans, and his best friend Muffie who had died in the spring. He told me I was a tiny version of her - and that he and the humans all saw it. Hmm - maybe her spirit came to San Juan?

Barney taught me to trust this Gatos who lived in the house. He taught me to watch the prairie dogs and not hide when they said Yahoo in happiness. He taught me to trust humans again. He told me once I was adopted into this furmily I would never have to worry again. Barney taught me friendship and trust of other dogs.

Barney taught me to love playing in the Snow. I was so afraid of it, but he taught me to enjoy the soft fluffiness and the feel of it on our toes.

Barney also taught me the sadness of losing someone you love most in the world. When the Angels took him, I refused to eat, to go outside or to leave his bed. Barney taught me that when you love someone more than life itself, you send someone special to take your place. Barney sent me Amber.

In memory of Barney - always in my heart.
Gypsy Simone

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Black Cat said...

Oh my goodness, what a moving story. My eyes are all leaky!