Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I think my fursibling Squeakers should be nominated best fursibling of the year.

Okay, while she was alive we didn't get along so well all the time. But she was so purrty! We did wrestle a lot, and a couple times we'd sleep on either side of Mistress to keep her warm in the winter. One day Mistress came home to see us sitting together, that never happened!
Squeakers went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 6, 2008, she was only five, going on six, she had kidney problems and we guess she died of renal failure, she was a young cat with old cat problems. Mistress misses her so much because they were really good friends. She gives good kisses, used to lay on Mistress' chest, even gave kisses on demand! Even though we fought and wrestled alot, I learned alot about my new home and my Mistress from her, I even learned some naughty stuff I could do and how to get away with it! She got me acquainted not only with my surroundings, but also with Catster, now my favorite website, Lyndi the big guide dog, and her owner, and the water fountain. I was afraid of her at first, but then after she stopped hissing at me, I knew I could whap her across the face, and she'd let me do it too! She was a saint! She is also pretty pawpular on Catster. Check her out if you wish, she was Cat of the Week on December 10-17. http://www.catster.com/cats/58594

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Athena said...

I vote for Squeakers for Best Fur Sibling of the Year.

Purrs and Love,
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