Saturday, January 31, 2009

PIxel is the best sisfur

I Samba and nominating my sifur pixel for the best fur sibling of the year.
I was nervous coming home from the shelter. Mommy said I would have a sisfur and I was hoping she wouldn't be mean to me. But when I got home, mommy put the carrier down and Pixel came right over and sniffed and tried to get in it with me. Mommy causiouly opened it and pixel saw me and started to clean me. That was our great start.
She plays with me, She shares her toys with me,
She shares her gizzy with me,
Shows me how to do cool stuff like sitting on the fishy tanks, she still bathes me, covers for me int he litterbox because i always forget, and she always snuggles with me.

That why Pixel is the best fur sibling of the year !!!

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