Friday, January 30, 2009

Dante for Best Fur Sibling of the Year

Hey kitties, woofies, bun and beans!! FAGIN here and I wants to nominate my big brofurr SIR DANTE BARBOSSA, first mate of the Black Furrball, as BESTEST FUR SIBLING EVER! Here is why!!

As some of you know, when DANTE first came to live with Mommy and Daddy, he was all beaten up and hurt. This could have made him a MEAN kitty but you know what? He's not mean, not at all!!

When me, FAGIN first came to live with Mommy and Daddy, me was just a little guy and me was very scared. But you know what? DANTE was there for the beginning, waiting to greet FAGIN and he never ever hissed or growled at me, NEVER!! When I first came out of my blue PTU, DANTE was ready to PLAYPLAYPLAY with me!!

When FAGIN was just a baby kitten, me would ATTACK DANTE'S tail. Lots of kitties would have gotten mad at FAGIN about this but what did my PAWSOME big brofur always do?

He PLAYPLAYPLAYed with me - and sometimes he even let FAGIN win!!! YAY!! PLAYPLAYPLAY!!!

DANTE has always been there for FAGIN. Even as FAGIN grew up, DANTE taught me lots of things FAGIN needed to know as a mancat. Here he is telling me that if FAGIN wants a girlfriend kitty, me has to be a gentleman cat.

Even now that me, FAGIN, is almost a big mancat (I will be 1 WHOLE YEAR OLD next Friday), my big brofur DANTE is always watching out after me and making sure FAGIN is happy and healthy. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE vote for DANTE!!! He really is the BESTEST BIG BROFUR EVER!!!

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