Friday, January 30, 2009

ISIS for best fursibling of the year!

Hello I'm Isis.
(you can bigify any of my shots by clicking them.)
I'm an American Eskimo Dog.
I have no fursiblings.
I'm an only dog.
I don't mind, because i have many many duties as the dog of the house.

Here i am during my off time. I get to relax.

Here is one of my favorite games, Cookie.
You try to take the cookie, and i pretend to eat your hands off.
really, its fun!

As dog of the house, one of my many many jobs is
'Grounds Keeper'.
I recently was promoted this summer
after my amazing gardening skills.
Here is one of the flowers i nurtured.

I also am really good at stealing my dad's shoes.
In this picture, they really really stunk.

I also am the official greeter at my house.
And, i'm the model too.
Here i am posing with some of our christmas ornaments this past

One of my grounds keeper jobs means that
i maintain the pool.
I make sure its safe for my hoomans.
we can't have mutating hoomans now can we?
ha ha ha

Here i am by my tomato plants. Yes.
I'm an excellent garden worker.
Thats why my tomato plants are so large and healthy!
I make my slave dad harvest them for me,
and my mom makes sauce from it.
(...remember, sauce is NOT good for dogs!)

Here i am showing off some more of my skills.
I'm running full speed through our yard!
Behind me are some more of my flowers i grew
this past summer.

Did i mention i'm good at stealing shoe parts?

My floof is multi functional.
When i'm done with it, i go outside and it poofs out of me.
Then, the birds use it for their nests and their babies.
So, i take care of woodland creatures as well!

Here is some basil i raised.
We also use this for the sauce mom makes.
its ALL over the garden. Dad plants it, and i make sure
it gets plenty of love.
Love is really what grows it.

On this patch, there is a beetle man waiting to eat it.
I shook him off.

Um, did i mention i'm good at stealing shoe parts....?

I should be best fursibling!


Carolina Cats said...

Wow, Isis, you sure got a lot of jobs! You should make yore beans get you a sibling just so you won't get overworked!! And you wood have somefur to play wif. That's reely wat siblings are good for.

Yore frend Buddy

White Dog Blog said...

You are a very caring giving and loving Princess...kind of like sibling to the world! We are very lucky to have you looking out for all these things.