Saturday, January 10, 2009


We wanna nominate Skeeter...

Keeper of the peace fer years, sharer of mice, licker of heads, our protector all the days of strange intruder cats in the yard.

Teacher of huntin ways, warmer of The Big Things lap, tester of dinner foods before we ate.

Warm body when we needed to cuddle, tireless groomer of us, quiet settler of disputes with just a meow or stern look, peacemaker. You caused our house to be happy, calm, and friendly.

Dear old mancat, we miss you so much... You were the best sibling cat we will efer know.

LC and Ayla


Zoolatry said...

Skeeter... we HOPE you win, you always were, and always will be... one of a kind!

Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Skeeter we miss you so much. You really were such an amazing special fur sibling.


Zoolatry said...

The comment on January 12 was our "wish"...

This is our OFFURCIAL vote:

We, Maggy and Zoey, of Zoolatry
vote for the beloved and
wonderful SKEETER!

Shadow / Molly said...

The mom never fergot Skeeters first Thanksgiving story wif hims Bein.

We vote fer Skeeter

I is Jake!

China Cat said...

I sure do miss Skeeter - he was such a wonderful brother!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat