Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well, I'm an ONWY CAT!

Well, Boy here.
Now for mine entwy to why it's just so super duper cool to be an onwy kitty.

I've been an onwy kitty since I decided to adopt mine Mummy as mine own, 14 years ago. Being an onwy kitty, I do not have to share any of mine tweats or toys!
But that is not the wonderful thing about being an onwy kitty.

The wonderful thing is that, I get mine Mummy all for mine vewy own!
Unwike other kitties who've got to share mummies, I don't.
Which also means that I'm the sole kitty wesponsible for the twaining of this bean I call mine Mummy.
Why is it so important you may wonder.

Well you see, beans (especiawwy the one I call mine Mummy) are sometimes quite wimited in their intewwigence. And if there are too many other kitties shawing in the twaining pwogwamme, they might get weawwy confused and end up being badwy twained.
And a badwy twained bean is a danger to kittykind.
Wet me give you an example.
I've gotted mine Mummy vewy well twained so that evewytime I tell her "Hey I want BBQ pork", she'd know what to get me.
But wet's say there's another kitty.
You see, we kitties have our diffewent diawects and accents as well, so this other kitty's "I want BBQ pork" might sound diffewent. And mine Mummy being wimited in her intewwigence (an thus in her understanding of our compwex wanguage) might mistake the "I want BBQ pork" to "Hey, I'm not feewing well, take me to the V-E-T"!!!
And as all of you know, if that happens, it's not going to be vewy fun at all.

And this is why I'm so thankful I'm an onwy kitty.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Wonderful reasons! We've got that communication problem here too - probably that's why we've never gotten BBQ pork. Right now I'm wishing I didn't have all these brothers and sisters trying to steal my favorite mousie.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

boy ...
yer da gwatest!