Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best fur sibling of the year: My big brofur Kashim

Kashim I'm gonna tell you why - to me - Kashim is the best fur sibling efur. Yall may know that where we live ow wif our momma is not our first "furrever" home and sometimes a home is not so furrever... Before we came to live wif momma we lived at our breeders house wif our kitty-momma and then we went to live wif a very young couple. And that's where my story begins.

Kashim was about one year old when I was born and still lived wif our kitty-momma at that time. We were very attached to each ofur from the very first sight and he'd always take care of me, the smallest kitten of the litter. He'd groom me and protect me at feeding time making sure my siblings would let me to mommas milk bar.
You could always find me snuggling very tight with him and he'd protect me while sleeping wif he huge paws.

When the time came to go to my furrever home our breeder-mom would talk to a young couple who wanted two kitten that'd if they'd take me they would have to take Kashim instead of a littermate of me 'cause we were unseperable. She told them it woul break our little hearts if we were seperated and she's rather not give me to them of they'd decide against Kashim.
Kashim - as I said - was already more than one year old by that time and most of the people coming to our house wanted itty bitty tiny kitten and he was a big mancat by that time...

mommas thirteen favourite pics of meThe young couple agreed to give us both ma and Kashim a furrever home and so we went to ive with them. They had a wonderful big house and we loved it there very much. The man would play wif Kashim and me. Kashim soon fell in love wif his man. He'd spend squillion of hours sitting on the mans lap or chest and purring like an old rusty lawn mower. I preferred palying wif the man and snuggling wif the woman. It was really nice there and we had lots of treats and toys and lived a happy kitty live.

But then somefing changed:
The young woman got pregnant and our life changed. They suddenly had less and less time for us and did not care very much anymore. We felt abandoned and you all know what happens wif cats who feel abandoned: we were up to no good and the humans got more and more mad wif us.
Kashim was always there right beside me when I did somefing wrong and he'd protect me and even growl at his beloved man if he sensed any danger for me.
When the baby bean was born it gotted even worse. We were not allowed to stroll through the house anymore. We were not allowed to sleep wif the humans anymore and the woman nearly freaked out when we gotted near the baby bean.
The man gotted really mad and we spent most of the time hiding under the furniture and only came out to eat or go to the litterbox. Sometimes I was even to scairted to go to the litterbox...

One day we heard the humans talk about us and that they did not want us around anymore and that they were thinking about giving us away. We were to be homeless kitties soon!!

Kashim was always there for me during all this time and snuggled wif me and purred for me and protected me. One day we were packed into our PTU again and off we drove quite a long time in the metal box wif wheels. When we stopped we were handed back to our breeder-mom again and our humans left wifout efun saying goodbye to us. They just handed us to our breeder-mom, turned and left wifout a single word.
Later momma tolded us that our breeder-mom fought very hard wif the young man and woman that they'd bring us back to her if they did not want us anymore. They didn't even care about taking us to the vet for our hooha-ectomy even tho it stood in the contract they signed when they got us that they had to.
Our breeder-mom planned to re-integrate us into her cat family but that did not werk 'cause our kitty dad would not accept us anymore and we had to be seperated form the other cats.

KashimKashim again took care of me all the time 'cause by that time I really was terrified and would hide whenever anyone would come near me. I would not purr or want to snuggle or anyfing. Some days after we were back at our breeder.moms house she talked wif her boy bean about us and they agreed that he would take care of us for some time 'till she'd find us a new furrever home. So we went to live wif him and after a few days were very attached to him. We even tought he might be our new daddy and started to love him and snuggel wif him and feel comfortable again.

Again somefing terrible happened: the girlfriend of the boy bean moved in with him. Kashim was not very happy about this. He did not lke her at all and showed this very passionately. The woman told the boy bean that he had to get rid of us or he'd get rid of her. If you ask me it would haf been the way better decision to get rid of her but you know... beans!
Kashim started to pee on the womans clothes and other belongings and she totaly freakted out when he did this. The boy bean tried to argue wif her and at first he saided we would not leave but by the time he changed his mind 'cause of the constant arguing wif the woman and he gotted tired and went to talk with our breeder mom again that she had to take us back...

Again we were abandoned and again during all this time Kashim was there for me comforting me, purring for me and making sure I was ok.
Soon after this our momma came and it was love of first sight. She came and took us to her home to live wif her furrever. Now we are here and feeling well and loved and are spoilt to no end.

You see that's why Kashim is the best brofur efur and really really really deserves the prize for the best fursibling efur!
I love him even if he is grumpy at me sometimes or bites my hiney... he'd always protect me this I know for sure!

-- Othello


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

Oh no! We knew you guys had a rough time as kittens but we didn't know the whole story. How wonderful that you have always been together! He is a VERY good brofur!!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
O, Othello, what a story. It is grrreat u's managed to stay togetfur thru all that. So glad u's still togetfur.
Purrs & hugs, KC

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

what a great story! how sad that you had to go through all that, but we're glad you two were together through it all.

MoMo said...

Oh gee, you guys had a tough time but I am so glad you got to stay together all through it and that you have a wonderful furrever home with your mom now.

jenianddean said...

Awww...what a good brother! That story made my mom's eyes leaky. I'm so glad you all got to stay together.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat

Lux said...

Hugs to both of you - that is such a touching story.

Karen Jo said...

You two certainly had a rough start in life. I am very glad that you got to stay together through it all and that you now have a great forever home. Kashim is a really great fur brother.

Tyler said...

Oh my goodness, my mom's eyes are leaking all over the place. You two have been through quite a lot. We're so sorry that you had to be in homes where you were unwanted. Stoopid beans! I have never met you two and I don't know where you live now. Please tell me that you are loved and spoiled and have overcome such a harsh beginning.

sher said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so terrible that you both had such an awful time--but now you have the greatest mom ever--and it's wonderful that you two had each other during that bad time! Hugs and kisses!!!!!

China Cat said...

Oh, I am so glad that you are together forever with your Momma Astrid. Kashim really is a great big brother!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

muffinmidi said...

My mommy's eyes got all leaky as she read your story. Afer allyou guys went through I'm glad you finally found a furrever home that is just that.

Angus said...

I didn't know your story at all and now I think that you must be the very best brofurs in the world! I am so glad you had each other through all those hard things. And so glad that you have the best furrever home and are loved and spoiled.

Tara said...

Wow, what a time you two have had! Mom's eyes are all leaky. Such a touching story!


jh an Mickey Mantle said...

wowie ... wutta story! babiez an girlfrendz ... duhr!
kashim izza grate fur siblin ... but da winner iz ...
yer mom!
can she win?