Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sushi is the Best Fur Sibling, by Tiger Lily

My woofie Sushi is the best fur sibling for a squillion reasons but after 13 you'll get the idea:

1. Sushi is smarter than an Ewok and more cuddly than a Wookie.
2. My welfare is Sushi's first consideration, as it should be.
3. I get to play with the best boxes because Sushi insists on the best woofie Stinky Goodness.
4. Sushi lets me sample her diet -- she always wears some in her mustache.
5. She taught me how to floss so I do not get woofie breath. In fact, Sushi lets me use her tail to floss!
6. Mousie breath is a no-no so she does all the ratting for me.

7. Where do you think I learned how to use my yellow laser eyes?
8. She pre-heats the Beans' seats and knows to move without a meow. All I have to do is sit on her head.
9. She always warns me when big-foot Beans are at the front door so I do not get stepped on.
10. Sushi patrols the vishus deer fence several times every day.

11. Sushi always takes the blame when a new stuffy toy is gutted.
12. She is the perfect photographic counterpoint to my loveliness.
13. "And this, young Paduan, is the Full Monty. It will attract great attention and cause much embarrassment for your Beans."

Sushi is a great fur sibling/Jedi mentor/concierge/body guard ... my perfect woofie.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

she kills mousies and has a tail made outta dental floss? she's a way cool woofie! we wish we had one like her!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

well ... u mite or miten't know how i feel abowt d-o-gz ... but i havta say ... a d-o-g hoo can RAT izza grate dog!
sushi lookz like a eksellent candidate fer fur siblin uv da yeer. good luck!