Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mr. Tigger-13 Reasons Why He Is The Best Fur Sibling

1. Tigger is the Best Fur Sibling because he lets the Grandbabybean pull his tail and doesn't put the bitey on her. See picture above.

2. He keeps all the male cats in our neighborhood away from me. (Samantha)
3. He is very handsome and debonair.
4. He is a very attentive boyfuriend cat to Trixie. He has taken her on picnics, to the beach, ice skating, to the movies and to the premiere of CCSI:The Santa Caper!
5. He's a very good hunter. See what he brought Mom for Christmas.

6. He is the bestest big brother. He plays with me and protects me and lets me eat first.
7. He is Mom's walking partner. They walk around the block and he doesn't use a leash.
8. Tigger and Ariel (1999-2005) were best furiends. They did everything together. He still misses her.
9. Tigger can talk. He tells Mom "NO" all the time, especially when she tells him to get off the table.
10. Tigger's an outdoor cat. Mom can only get him to stay inside at night when it is very, very cold.
11. He is a very brave Mancat. He made friends with the vishus reindeer that were in our house during the holidays.
12. He shares all his toys and treats with me.
13. He is a furiend to everyone he meets and loves to help other's when he sees a need.

These are my 13 reasons why I think Tigger Is The Best Fur Sibling.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

he sounds like a great brother! and he gave your mom the whole mousie for Christmas? whoa - that's some kinda generous!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

well ... i jus luv owtdoor mancatz ... an, az u may or mayen't know ... i'm also a luvver uv a grate tail!
good luck mr. tigger! u dezerve to be da bes fur siblin uv da yeer.