Thursday, December 6, 2007

Scylla & Charybdis Nominate Sockie~Pooh

Sockie~Pooh is a very shy, sweet and gentle mancat. We came to live with him when we were four weeks old. He accepted us right away. He stayed in the same room as us so he could make sure Mommy & Daddy were taking good care of us. We didn't know it though, we were so little it was a while before we even knew he was around.

When we first saw him (we were six weeks old then) Scylla ran right up to him. Having a furry ball come running toward him scared him a little so he hissed to tell her to slow down. She slowed down and they touched noses, smelt of each other and licked each other a few times. Then Sockie~Pooh went to eat his food. Scylla decided to eat his food too (she can be kinda rude and pushy sometimes). Sockie~Pooh growled at her, Scylla growled back. Sockie~Pooh lifted a paw like he was going to slap her (he never hit her though), Scylla lifted her paw. Sockie~Pooh gave up and went jumped in a chair where Scylla couldn't follow, while Scylla gobbled down his food (Mommy was very annoyed as Scylla wouldn't even try to eat the dry kitten food we had).

Charybdis was afraid of Sockie~Pooh and ran hid in the carrier where we slept. But once she got up the nerve to approach him they became good friends. When Mommy took us outside he would hang around to make sure we were OK, and that Mommy was doing a good job looking out for us.

Now he brings us rabbits and mice to play with when we are outside (For some reason Mommy objects to this). We are all good friends and Sockie~Pooh lets Scylla boss him around (Scylla is a very bossy cat). He plays with us very gently and baths us. He is also very nice at supper time, he waits patiently for Mommy to feed us. We aren't very patient. We jump up and down meowing for our supper. Mommy says we need to emulate Sockie~Pooh.

We share a blog with our Mommy. It's called Alasandra and you can visit us there to see more pictures of Sockie~Pooh.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

He brings you rabbits and mice? Now THAT is a great big brother!

Alasandra said...

We get to chase them and play with them till Mommy comes, then she puts us in the house until she can catch them and let them go somewhere that they will be safe from us mighty hunters.

Sockie~Pooh is the greatest brother ever.

~Scylla & Charybdis