Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brainball -- Nominated by the Ballicai

This is Chairman MaoMao from the Ballicus Bloggie. Me and my sisfurs Dorydoo and Marilyn MonREOW would like to nominate our big brothur Brainball, also known as King Leonidas, for Bestest Fur Sibling of the Year.

Here's Brainball, layin on Momma's robe. Doesn't he look like a lion?

We are a four-kitty household, and Brainball is our Alpha Cat. He's furry pashunt, benevolunt, and a gentle giant. He weighs sixteen pounds, and when he recently got bronchitis and hadded to go to the v.e.t., they put him in a dog-sized kennel because he couldn't fit into a kitty-sized one. Wowie! Brainball sure is a big boy!

Here he is with our sisfur Dorydoo. He helped raise her from the time she was a little bitty kitten, and the two of 'em are furry close. She's three years old now. If Dorydoo's feelin out of sorts or if she's in a bad mood, Brainball goes to check on her, sniff her, kiss her on her head, and cuddle with her.

When Brainball was youngur, from what Momma says, he used to be fierce and territoryul, but now, at goin on ten years old, he's mellowed out a lot. He loves all of us, his brothur and sisfurs and our beans, and he's furry dillygunt about patrollin our perimeter and lookin out fur us in efurry way he can.

And though he started out an only kitty and was an only kitty fur some years, he acksepted each one of us Ballicai who came in his household into his big lion heart. And since he was the first Ballicus, he'll always be known as Ballicus the First, or Ballicus I.

Here he is sittin with our othur sisfur, Marilyn, onna window perchie. Marilyn is an older kitty, older than Brainball, and can be kinda funny with the rest of us Ballicai about likin to maintayn her own space, but Brainball is furry respectful of that, and he tries not to make her nervous with his large size.

Brainball is also lots of fun. He loves to play with me and Dorydoo, efun though he's quite a bit oldur than us. He rassles with us and plays chase. And we just love playin with him. He's furry easygoing and good natured and likes to indulge us young'uns with plenty of games and fun.

When I, MaoMao, joined the household last year, me and Brainball were fast furriends and soon beckame the bestest of furriends. Brainball is my roll model. He's teachin me how to be a noble and mature mancat (I'm technically a mancat, but since I'm only about a year and a half, I'm still furry young -- I got a lotta growin up to do). Here's me and Brainball cuddlin togethur.

I love Brainball so much. We all do. He is our protector, our Alpha Cat, our furriend, and the bestest big bruthur inna whole wide wurld. He's strong and currageous, fun and frolicksome, handsum and protecktive, and a superduper mancat. And as I kontinyue to mature, Brainball will always be my bestest inspirashun.

I can be reeched at chairmmao at gmail dot com.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

He's a big, gorgeous lion kitty! And plus he sounds like the purrfect role model and big brother. All that and cuddly too!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

yep ... brainball shood be da best fur siblin uv da yeer!
he get'z mi vote.
don't tell mi brudder mickey.

MoMo said...

Brainball is gorgeous, as are ALL the Ballicai.

Anonymous said...

Awww this is the sweetest.I love Brainball too.He's a sweet and loving Alpha Cat.I am very honored to call him my friend.He's a gentle giant with a heart of gold.