Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We Nominate Tyler

We are Sophie, the calico kitten  and Jake the ginger kitten of Tyler's Tattles. We want to nominate Tyler, our black panther brother, for the Best Fur Sibling of the Year. He is a very tender and loving older brother. We are two kittens that mom adopted last June. Tyler has made us feel like part of the family. Each of us misses our kitty mommies very much. We take turns "nursing" on Tyler's fur. He's the only cat that will snuggle with us and he is the BEST snuggler. He's very good at taking turns loving each of us. 
Oh yeah, he taught us how to beg for stinky goodness buy meowing very loudly and persistently every morning and evening. He shares the Temptations with us too. He lets us play with all the cool toys first, because he knows kittens just gotta play.
For all these reasons we nominate Tyler our best Sib of the Year. Our email is tylertatles@gmail.com, our blog is at tylerstattles.blogspot.com. Please come by for a visit! 
If we were to win, Tyler would want to donate the prize to Project Ham. Not that we expect to win. We are so impressed with the other Fur Sibs being entered. There are some very special cats around here. Yeah, for the Fur Sibs Contest!

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Awww - Tyler sounds so sweet! Give him a big purry snuggle from us too.
Rascal & Riley