Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dana - Nominated by Tybalt

This is my doggie sister, Dana. Even though she isn't a kitty, she's a great sister to have. I think all of the furries in our house would agree that Dana is definitely the most loving and patient and best-behaved of all of us.
Dana is a miniature Australian Shepherd. Because her breeders were not responsible, Dana was born deaf. Her very first family did not know that Dana was deaf, and treated her badly because they thought she was just a very naughty puppy when she didn't listen to them. When they found out she was deaf, they didn't want her anymore and gave her to a rescue. When my mommy saw Dana's picture on the internet and read about her, she knew that Dana needed to come home to live with us.
I am the baby in the family, and when mommy first brought me home, the rest of the furries weren't sure about me . . . except for Dana. She loved me right away. She wanted to kiss me and cuddle me and play with me. I was such a small kitten that she looked very large and scary, and I would hiss at her and try to run away. This didn't stop her from loving me, and now I appreciate her more and I will even let her kiss me every now and then.
Dana loves our kitty toys more than her own doggie toys, which shows great discrimination on her part. She has no problem with sharing her food with us, and she never growls or snaps at us. She loves us all very much and is always smiling. She is such a happy and friendly doggie! We are all blessed to have her as our sister.
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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

She sounds absolutely wonderful! We'd like to have a woofie like that. Purrs to Dana!