Friday, December 14, 2007

Skeeter Nominated by LC

I wanna nominat Skeeter as the "Best Fur-Sibling-of-the-Year.

He is the warmiest groomiest bes brother, an he puts up wif a lot a ear
bitin an surprise charges (that efen nock him ofer) wifout gettin (real)

He grooms me real gud efen when I bite his ears sometimes (well, they
are RIGHT THERE an sometimes I cant help it).

He lets me cuddle up nex to him efen after I bite his ears. An he lets
we wiggle aroun some until I an real comfy efen when that disturbs his

He lets me know wetther food is good to eat. He tries it first an I
watch him. If it is good, he looks at me an lets me know it is OK. I
trust him THAT much.

When Skeeter was little, he hadda protek hisself against the big mean
cat (Tinkerbelle) who-came-before. He says it was "a bit difficult".
But he protected me from her from the first day I was in the Cave an he
was only 1 year old! Always. He stood between us when Tinker wanta
whap me or keep me away from food. He got whapped a bunch. But he
curled up with me at night so she couln't bother me an put his paws up
when she sniffed around us!.

Even when I got some grown up, he watched out for me. Inside with
Tinker, outside if he sniffed a woofie around. He was always watchful
and helpful. An like the time I climbed the tree as a kitten an couldnt
get down, he got The Big Thing to come out an rescue me.

I dont know of a better Big Brother than that...


Picture is me at 16 months and Skeeter is lettin me curl up nex to him
at 2 years 4 months!

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Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

he sounds like an excellent big brother! and he puts up with ear biting? we'd like a brother like that!