Friday, December 14, 2007

Samwise - Nominated by Captain Jack & Dante

We decided that we wanted to enter the Best Fur Sibling of the Year contest. We debated and thought about who to nominate. After much consideration, Captain Jack pulled rank on Dante (who wanted to nominate himself) and decided that he would nominate his favorite doggie, Samwise Gamgee.
Samwise is our 6 year old doggie brother. He is part Sheltland Sheepdog, part Border Collie, and part Spaniel. He was found by our favorite neighborhood child, D'Andre. Sadly, he was found on the day that Daddy and Mommy buried Daddy's brother after he died from a heart attack at age 40. Anyway, D'Andre did as anyone would expect and brought the doggie he had found to Aunt Susan's house (as we've said before Aunt Susan is our honorary Aunt and our V-E-T as well). D'Andre wanted to keep Samwise, but his Mom didn't think this was a good idea. Uncle Dave wanted to keep Samwise too, but he and Aunt Susan agreed that they had one very old and set in her ways dog that didn't need a youngster (Sam was only about 1 at the time). So they put up pictures of Sam and "Found Dog" posters at local businesses hoping to find his parents. No one ever called. Well, as it turned out Daddy was spending a lot of time at Dave and Susan's (he and Mommy were not married yet) trying to get over his brother's death so he wound up spending a lot of time with Sam too. It took less than a week for Daddy to decide to adopt Sam and give him a forever home. Aunt Susan made sure Sam was healthy and had all of his shots and Daddy brought Sam home to live with him. Mommy has always said that Samwise was a gift - that the Fates knew that Daddy was going to have a lot to go through and since his brother was gone, they wanted to make sure Daddy was not alone - so they gifted him with a wonderful dog. Daddy gifted him with the name Samwise because, as he put it - "Samwise the hobbit went through hell and back with his best friend Frodo. Right now I am going through a rather hellish time so I cannot think of a better name for him."
Mommy and Daddy were afraid that Samwise was getting lonely because at the time he was the only pet. They talked to Aunt Susan and she suggested that the get a kitty to keep Sam company, because he loved her kitties so much. They thought this was a good idea. Not long after that they heard a knock on the door after a horrible spring thunderstorm. Daddy opened it and discovered about 10 children on the doorstep surronding a little girl holding a black and white kitten. They had found the kitten in a storm drain and were trying to find him a home. Yes, as you might have guessed, that kitten was our own Captain Jack. Sam was just beside himself over having his own "kitten son." The first night, Samwise groomed and bathed Jack for three whole hours! As Jack grew, Sam taught him many things and never ever minded when Jack clawed him or pounced on him wanting to play. Samwise raised Captain Jack and definately contributed to Jack being the handsome and wonderful pirate kitty that he is today! He is the eldest in our household and most loved by Captain Jack - Jack has even been known to beat up Dante when he tries to attack Sam. Samwise was love unlooked for at a time when Daddy really needed him and he was a father to a homeless kitten. Samwise is the most wonderful doggie ever and because of this, we nominate Samwise "The Brave" Gamgee as the Best Fur Sibling of the Year!!!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

What a sweet story! That made our Lady smile and her eyes got drippy.

Finnegan & Buddy said...

That is a furry byootiful story! We don't offen heer of such nice woofies.

Purrs & hugs
Finny Buddy & Blossom

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

i am likin dis story a lot abowt samwise. i am notta luvver uv d-o-gz ... but i reelee, reelee like samwise. (an i think he lookz a little bit like mi bes d-o-g frend stormy b. naughty.
good luck to a grate frend an fur siblin!