Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rules for the Percy B. Stephens I Wish I Was an Only Cat Award

Hi all, Percy here with something furry impawtant for anyone wanting to enter my contest. The most impawtant thing in any contest, and I forgot it: rules! So look through these, and if you already did something that doesn't quite match up, please correct it before the deadline. Thanks!


1. To enter the contest you must make a POST (that is, don't put your entry in the comments!) on this blog telling me the best thing about a life where you have NO brofurs or sisifurs to mess things up. To add an entry use the email and the password bestsibling. You may also post a picture, or any other media to help you show how awesome it is to be an only kitty.

2. The deadline for all entries is 12:00 noon EST on December 28, 2007. I'm going to be the sole judge for this contest, so no votes please!

4. Winners will be announced by 12:00 Noon EST December 31, 2007.

5. Only one entry per non-bean.

6. To be able to enter our contest you either need to have a blog or a catster/dogster page.

7. Prizes will include a trophy! Also, a small surprise prize pack.

8. Please keep your entry short - I don't like to read much. Give me the NUMBER 1 reason it's best to be an only cat!

9. And again, in the spirit of Skeezix, I can add or change rules anytime I want to because this is my contest.

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Boy said...

Opps...haha...and I thought I was supposed to post on mine own bwoggy.
Hahah...ok, I shall do a post tomowwow. On this bwoggy.