Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Miz Allie Cat Recommends Her Fur-Sis Foxy

Miz Allie Cat has no other kittys in the house but I do so want to give puss-able mentions to my fur-sister Foxy. She does not always see eye to eye with me, but recently she has become very close and even let me share her sunlight on the back of mummy's couch.

When my non-human brother was in the hospital and mummy and daddy were gone all the time Foxy and I became closer and she was there to keep me company and cuddly next to me letting me know that mummy would be home soon. That made me feel so meow happy and I wasn't scared anymore either.

She also keeps that silly squirrel out of my way who tries to come over and get into the house with us. Foxy also got dressed up for Christmas with me. meow....She is a real pal who likes to sit on mummys lap but knows that when I'm downstairs that mummy's lap is for me, so she goes over on the other couch and lets me have mummy all to myself, of course I am happier for that...but all and all she has been the bestest fur-buddy and I think she is great!! Meow... Miz Allie Cat


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

what a sweet woofie she is! and so cute and cuddly too!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

foxy izza attractiv lookin d-o-g ... az d-o-gz go! she sowndz verree nice.
good luck to foxy!