Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vincent - Nominated by Mike

I nominate my brofur, Vincent, for Best Fur Sibling of the Year. Vincent is a handsome, sweet, floofy, goofy, boy, and I think he's the best brofur ever.

Vincent has always been my brofur. We're litter mates, an had the same momkitty at the shelter. We've been best buddies from the first day that the mombean brought us home together from the shelter.

Vincent's a lot bigger than I am, cuz I'm a petite little girl. Since he's bigger than me, he could have his way around the house if he wanted to, but he's always very gentle and protective of me. (Well, he's not so gentle when we wrastle, but I'm not either). He snuggles up with me for naps and keeps me warm with his floofiness. He always says "hello" by licking my head. We like to spend lots of time groomin each other.

The first couple times we went to the vet, we went together and Vincent took very good care of me. When they put icky cleanin stuff in my ears, Vincent licked it off for me (that couldn't have tasted very good). Once, when I went to the vet by myself, Vincent hissed at me when I got home. He wanted to welcome me home, but I stunk of the vet office, and every time he got close to me, he had to hiss and walk away. But in a couple days he was back to givin me kisses and everything was ok.

Vincent also taught me how to drink from the bathtub faucet and how to climb up very high to the top of the bookcases. When I was littler and didn't remember to cover up my poop, Vincent would cover it up for me. He shares the toys, and lets me have some special toys just for myself. He respects the fact that all the mousies in the house belong to me and if I give him the weed wacker noise, he backs off an finds something else to play with. He shares the stinky goodness with me, and doesn't eat much more than half (he does eat a little faster than I do). But, best of all are the hugs. I luf it when my brofur gives me hugs.

I'm sure there are lots of other great fur siblins out there, but I think my brofur, Vincent, is one of the very best.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

You two are adorable - we love those cuddly pictures of you together! Vincent reminds us of a beloved kitty that came before, Boots - all stripy and floofy. He sounds like a great brother. Purrs!

jenianddean said...

Mike - That's too sweet. Vincent sounds like a great big brother! You both are so adorable.

- Jasper McKitten-Cat

China Cat said...

You two are adorable together! What a good brother Vincent is!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

vincent coverz yer poop fer u?
dat in itself iz reezon to be da best fu siblin uv da yeer!
an wid a name like vinny ... how cood he looz?