Friday, December 28, 2007

My big bruther Mao: Fur Sibling of the Yeer

My name is Skeezix the Cat and I nommynate my big bruther Mao for Fur Sibling of the Yeer.

My big bruther Mao is the best fur brudder EVER. Theeze are the reezins why:
  1. He was the one hoo told me abowt the vishus deer menniss so I cood warn all the other cats owt thare abowt how vishus deers eet tender yung joosy cats. This has saved COWNTLESS lives.
  2. I like it win he sleeps with his noze prest aginst my spot #13. It feels good. It gives me good dreems.
  3. He keeps me cumpany win Mr TF isn't arownd.
  4. On Halloween he tells me scarey stories that make me wet my pants.
  5. He is the king of cool. He gives me tips on how to be cool so that sumday I can be the King of cool.
  6. He also givs me tips of how to be popyuler with wimmin.
  7. He always gives me a heds up win I'm abowt to make a fashun fo-paw. He'll say, "Skeez', yoo look like a jakass*."
  8. He plays with me in my tunnul box and my tent when he's not on Prozak.
  9. He duzn't try to eet me like that psyko stray cat Tripper duz.
  10. Win I have the sqwerts and git poo-joose all over me, he helps me lik it off. THIS SHOOD SKORE HIM SUM MAJER POINTS CUZ IT'S AN IKKY JOB.
  11. Win I was a kittin and tride to nerse on him, he didn't git too mad.
  12. He is a vary cuddly fur sibling to sleep with. Even tho he talks in his sleep.
  13. He rides in my Jeep Rubikon Pet Stroler with me and tells me stories abowt the nayberhood.
Evrybuddy should have a grate big bruther like I do. I'm vary lukky.

Me: Skeezix the Cat:
My big bruther Mao:

* That's a direkt qwote, so I shoodn't git in trubbul for saying a bad werd.


Kaze, Latte, & Chase said...

He seems so much like Chase. Even with the nursing but NOT the poo juice. That's just icky.

Plus Mao's my boyfriend cat :)


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

dunno why, but our Lady wuz laffin' an laffin' while reading this. we think Mao should win cuz those are AMAZINGLY WONNERFUL reezuns. 'specially 'bout the not trying to eat you part. Grr tries to eat me all the time (when she's not locked in i-so-lay-shun), and I know that havin' a huge cat tryin' ta eat you is NO FUN.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer skeez,
dis izza grate entry in da contest. i dunno ... u hadda lotta eksellent reezonz why maobert shood be da fur siblin uv da yeer (espeshullee da poo juice part) ... thus i am sumwut concerned abowt mi brudder mickey.